We are Asset Integrity Innovators. Discover the New Integrity Management with us!

assessment What we do:

  • multiline_chart We develop and perform integrity engineering analysis
  • security To practically manage equipment integrity risks at:
  • monetization_on The novel and unique 'Cost of Risk' based confidence level
  • iso We aim optimizing whole life-time costs of industrial plants
  • beenhere By enabling and accomplishing a genuine safety compliance
  • trending_up We innovate for your plant confident and secure operation
  • palette By applying the science first principles at a World class level
  • device_hub Using our practical knowledge of RBI, NII, FEA, FFS and PoF

arrow_forwardWhat is CoRBI®

CoRBI logo
  • filter_1 Fully probabilistic integrity and risk assessment
  • filter_2 Applicable to corrosion and cracking damage
  • filter_3 Using statistical analysis of conventional inspection data
  • filter_4 Enabling a confident cost-benefit analysis and
  • filter_5 Ensuring an ultimate safety compliance demonstration
  • filter_6 And a holistic budget control at all equipment life stages

devices What is AIM data®

  • public Online IDMS and RBI software accessible World-wide
  • person_add Created BY integrity engineers FOR integrity engineers
  • people For site and office instant interaction and collaboration
  • pie_chart Support of any RBI methods, including our CoRBI®
  • smartphone Ergonomic, compact and secure web-interface
  • android Mobile devices friendly and fully customizable

timelineWhat is Whole Pro®

  • send Evaluating probabilities (PoF) in all integrity assessments
  • send To improve practicality of engineering analysis, specifically:
  • send Re-evaluating design calculations and data to PoF terms
  • send Performing Troubleshooting/FFS calculations using PoF
  • send This is VITAL for a reliable plant integrity decision making
  • send And we know how to perform this practically and cost-wise
We are a fully licensed and insured consultancy business ABN 37 611 650 750 working for the Australian Oil&Gas Industry for years