About this Blog


We are a different Engineering Consultancy working in Asset Integrity engineering.

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Our point of difference is applied R&D capability to solve problems practically and wise. We look far beyond the horizons of standards and traditional practices.

We strive to get in touch with engineering professionals thinking alike, with those genuinely interested in smart and practical re-solution of mechanical integrity problems.

And we have a good strategy to achieve this goal. Our philosophy is:

  • Applying critical thinking to engineering practices
  • to achieve better and more practical resource allocation
  • for Asset Integrity Management (AIM) and Financial Management harmony.

This blog is intended for integrity engineering professionals involved in plant integrity/safety/risk management.

Let’s construct a stunning new Plant Integrity Management framework together!

We don’t aim to convince or persuade.

We aim providing a food for thought (to those interested in).

Let’s take the engineering philosophy journey with us!

Yes, an engineering philosophy. Not mentioned commonly, but the philosophy harmonizes strategies and tactics. We are here to close this gap.

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Anyone can comment (subject to professional ethics standards – moderation is in place).

Let’s draw a comprehensive, true picture of the Reality together!

Yury Sokolov

Ph.D., CPEng, RPEQ, IntPE(Aus)

Director of Quanty Pty. Ltd.